Online Poker Singapore

According to a British gambling consultancy, Singaporeans are the second biggest gamblers in the whole world and this is despite very strict laws against gambling in the country.

This has forced them to conduct poker home games at a great risk. Anyone caught having home games could be fined SG$1000 for playing and SG$20,000 for hosting or be jailed for two months. Having this great risk, Singaporeans turned to online poker to get their fix. Being placed in a corner, Singaporeans have no choice but to take the risk of a home game.

Singapore doesn’t have a lot of poker ambassadors, with the exception of Willie Tann, a World Series of Poker bracelet winner with almost $2 million in winnings on the tournament scene. Bryan Huang and Ivan Tan are moving up the scale in the Asia-Pacific area.

Live Poker Legislation in Singapore

In 2004, the government decided to allow two integrated casino resorts to be built in the country – namely, Marina Bay Sands & Resorts World Sentosa. In 2006, the Casino Control Act was enacted to legalize the operations of the said casinos, in order to promote tourism and increase tax revenues. However, despite this legalization, certain conditions applied.

The Act specified that only these two casinos may operate and only with the full offering of a “resort” to complement the Hotel & Casino. Another condition was that foreigners were free to enter the casino, but local players were required to pay 100SGD. The reason behind this may be to exclude lower income Singaporeans, while the country has the third GDP/Capita PPP at over USD $82,000.

There are no taxes collected on poker winnings in Singapore.

How to Play Poker in Singapore
Just because you’re based in Singapore, it doesn’t mean you have to use a local site. You can use international sites to play online poker and have an equally authentic experience. Just make sure you pick a site which is recommended by Asiabet, so you know the casino accepts players from Singapore.

Using international online casinos also means you can pick sites which are 100% reputable. You can play at sites which have undergone the most thorough background checks and hold premium gambling licences.


Different Types of Poker
When you hear the word ‘poker’, you probably think of Texas Hold’em straight away. This is the most popular type of poker and has relatively straightforward rules. It’s also the kind of game you’ll see in popular TV shows and movies such as Casino Royale, alongside exciting games of blackjack and roulette.

Each player receives two hole cards and the overall idea is that you need to represent that you have a strong hand in order to win the pot. You can play cash games for an instant win or tournaments if you want a chance to turn a modest buy-in into a big pay day. When you play Texas Hold’em poker online in Singapore you can bet a specific number of chips and interact online to add to your online persona – which is all part of the game.

Other variants include Omaha Hi, seven-card stud and five-card draw, but there are also plenty of online casino poker games in Singapore. They use the classic Texas Hold’em hand rankings but instead of facing opponents, you take on the house. This means you won’t have to bluff. Live casino poker is widely available at the best online casinos in Singapore.

Online Poker in Singapore: Using Strategy
When you start playing Texas Hold’em you’ll probably play in a straightforward way. For example, you might bet strongly when you’re dealt premium hands like pocket aces, pocket kings and A-K suited, and fold when you pick up weak hands such as 2-7 or 3-10.

But as you learn more about the game you can begin adding more tactics and strategy to your betting patterns. For example, you may notice that everybody at your table is folding a lot. If this is the case, it may help to employ a looser strategy. You can open the betting with a wider number of hands, looking to steal blinds and capture small pots. When somebody pushes back, you can be fairly sure they have the better hand and just give up on that one pot.

Secure and trustworthy
There’s nothing more important to us than the safety of your funds. Every site which is reviewed at Asiabet has been specifically tested for players in Singapore. That means you can be 100% certain you can safely deposit and withdraw, and that the site has a valid gambling licence.

One of the biggest advantages that online casinos have over land-based ones is that they can offer so many promotions. Our experts hunt down welcome bonuses and special offers for online poker players in Singapore, adding extra chips to your bankroll.

Offers poker with Singapore dollar
We prioritise online poker sites in Singapore which have a strong selection of deposit methods like PayNow, but we also specifically target those which use the Singapore dollar (S$). This means you don’t need to waste time or money changing up currencies after a big win.

A good selection of poker games
Texas Hold’em online poker isn’t the only poker game in Singapore. There’s also Omaha Hi, seven-card stud, five-card draw, dozens of casino poker variants, and live dealer online poker. We know our readers like a variety of poker games, so the casinos which are packed out with exciting options move up our rankings.



这迫使他们冒着极大的风险进行扑克主场比赛。 任何人被发现在家里玩游戏都可能被罚款 1000 新元,因举办游戏而被罚款 20,000 新元,或者被判入狱两个月。 面对如此巨大的风险,新加坡人转向在线扑克来解决问题。 被置于死角,新加坡人别无选择,只能冒着主场作战的风险。

新加坡没有很多扑克大使,Willie Tann 除外,Willie Tann 是世界扑克锦标赛手镯获得者,在锦标赛现场获得了近 200 万美元的奖金。 Bryan Huang 和 Ivan Tan 正在提升亚太地区的规模。


2004年,政府决定允许在该国建设两个综合赌场度假村——即滨海湾金沙和圣淘沙名胜世界。 2006 年颁布了《赌场控制法》,使上述赌场的经营合法化,以促进旅游业和增加税收。 然而,尽管有这种合法化,但仍适用某些条件。

该法案规定,只有这两家赌场可以运营,并且只能提供全面的“度假村”来补充酒店和赌场。 另一个条件是外国人可以自由进入赌场,但当地玩家需要支付 100 新元。 这背后的原因可能是排除了低收入的新加坡人,而该国的 GDP/人均购买力平价超过 82,000 美元,位居第三。


仅仅因为您位于新加坡,并不意味着您必须使用本地站点。 您可以使用国际站点来玩在线扑克并获得同样真实的体验。 只需确保您选择了 Asiabet 推荐的网站,这样您就知道赌场接受来自新加坡的玩家。

使用国际在线赌场还意味着您可以选择 100% 信誉良好的网站。 您可以在经过最彻底的背景调查并持有高级赌博许可证的网站上玩。


当您听到“扑克”一词时,您可能会立即想到德州扑克。 这是最受欢迎的扑克类型,规则相对简单。 这也是您会在流行的电视节目和电影中看到的游戏类型,例如 Casino Royale,以及令人兴奋的二十一点和轮盘赌游戏。

每个玩家都会收到两张底牌,总体思路是您需要证明自己有一手强牌才能赢得底池。 如果您希望有机会将适度的买入变成丰厚的奖金,您可以玩现金游戏以立即获胜或参加锦标赛。 当您在新加坡玩在线德州扑克时,您可以下注特定数量的筹码并在线互动以增加您的在线角色——这都是游戏的一部分。

其他变体包括 Omaha Hi、七张牌梭哈和五张牌换牌,但在新加坡也有很多在线赌场扑克游戏。 他们使用经典的 Texas Hold’em 手牌排名,但您不是面对对手,而是接管房子。 这意味着您不必虚张声势。 新加坡最好的在线赌场广泛提供真人娱乐场扑克。

当您开始玩德州扑克时,您可能会以一种直截了当的方式进行游戏。 例如,当您拿到口袋 A、口袋 K 和同花 A-K 等强牌时,您可能会下大注,而当您拿到 2-7 或 3-10 等弱牌时,您可能会弃牌。

但随着您对游戏的了解越来越多,您可以开始为您的投注模式添加更多战术和策略。 例如,您可能注意到同桌的每个人都弃牌很多。 如果是这种情况,采用更宽松的策略可能会有所帮助。 您可以用更多的手牌开始下注,希望偷盲注和捕获小底池。 当有人反击时,您可以相当确定他们有一手更好的牌,然后放弃那个底池。

对我们来说,没有什么比您的资金安全更重要的了。 Asiabet 审核的每个网站都专门针对新加坡玩家进行了测试。 这意味着您可以 100% 确定您可以安全地存款和取款,并且该网站拥有有效的赌博许可证。

在线赌场相对于实体赌场的最大优势之一是它们可以提供如此多的促销活动。 我们的专家为新加坡的在线扑克玩家寻找欢迎奖金和特别优惠,为您的资金增加额外的筹码。

我们优先考虑新加坡的在线扑克网站,这些网站有多种存款方式可供选择,例如 PayNow,但我们也特别针对使用新加坡元 (S$) 的网站。 这意味着您无需在大赢后浪费时间或金钱来兑换货币。